how to open greek pita bread

06 Dec 2020

Let me know if you have other questions. Hi I am so delighted I found your blog, I really how would i go about making more of these at one time? This recipe wins hands down as written. We decided to do a greek nigh with chicken souvlaki and greek salad and figured it wouldn’t have been the same without a warm pita to dip in tzatziki. Yours truly I’m a very experienced cook, but not much of a baker, so it’s possible I’m missing something very simple, but I’ve been trying to follow the recipe to the letter. Thanks for the recipe! xTieghan. You have heard that this bread sustains mold very quickly? I got 7 perfect pitas. I’m pretty nervous, and not sure if I really have the best kinds of work surfaces for this in my tiny apartment… but it’ll go great with the chicken I’m cooking in the crockpot! I served them with homemade falafel and greek yogurt sauce. I've made pita bread three times in my life- four if you count the batch that's basking in the morning sunlight next to me as I type this. If you are comfortable giving this a try with a flour you use I say go for it! Oh what a great idea! Ok thanks! We will be having these on a regular basis, and I so appreciate you posting this recipe online. So I doubled up the six pieces, which ended up making three gigantic pitas. You are such a talent! I would love to have you link up to my link party this week. Hey Courtney, I do not recommend using almond flour as it will greatly effect the outcome of the pitas and honestly I do not think it would work very well. The ideal place to store pitas is in the high-quality zip-seal plastic bags. It sounds like trying out a different recipe might be ideal. The pita should start to puff up during this time; if it doesn't or if only small pockets form, try pressing the surface of the pita gently with a clean towel. What did I do wrong? It was really easy to get the hang of making them while one was cooking to keep the flow going. Mine came out good, but didn’t look a pillow soft as yours in the picture, I guess that comes with practice! Thank you for trying these! Thanks for sharing at Tasteful Tuesdays! and a all round entertaining blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read it all at the minute but I have bookmarked it My favorite ways to use this tasty Greek … These are traditional greek pitas, which mean they will not get that big pocket in the center. Thanks! Your pita looks like perfection! Next experiment will be with gluten free flour…. Karen. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Next time I will probably add more seasoning to the dough. This recipe is worth it, promise! You could not get them better unless you flew to Greece. let me know if you have questions. Thanks! I would recommend cooking and freezing the pita. Lay the pita bread flat on your cutting board and hold it in place with your nondominant hand. . Hi Cory! Trust you will no regret making these, pockets or no pockets! Combine the sugar, yeast, olve oil, water and milk in a bowl. I hope you love this recipe! It is cooked on a hot skillet, see directions for info. I love this recipe. Pinning and hope mine turn out as beautiful as yours! xTieghan. Bread flour works great! Thanks for sharing. Once you have placed the pitas in the zip-pouch, cover it with aluminum foil and place it in the refrigerator. These were absolutely delicious and the perfect texture and really easy to make. The HBH Studio Barn: Kitchen and Downstairs Bath Plans. Thanks! Could I use buckwheat flour instead of white all purpose? Nx, I used fast-acting or instant yeast, maybe i didn’t need to “activate” it first in warm water? I’m mixing by hand as I don’t have a mixer, and the first time I kneaded the dough for about 5 – 7 minutes and it came out very tough. Life is very beautiful and keeps on teaching something all the time.In the same way, you saw this post today and seeing that it was as if I had never imagined such a post that someone can make your beautiful post. Warm the pita in the oven. Thanks so much for sharing! . YES! I will try again, but next time will cook on an electric griddle at a lower heat – like english muffins. Cook up a batch then use it to make some super-easy meals! ( Log Out /  xTieghan. I have seen pita recipes before but they never looked as good as this one! I am thrilled you love these!! Please let me know! xTieghan. xTieghan, This recipe was super tasty! Thank you for trying this! I grilled them instead & they came out soooooooooooooooo good! This pita looks delicious! Does the recipe only work with fresh yeast? Thank you, Yum!! Is there anything I can do to fix this? I would allow the dough to come to room temp before trying to roll it out. Thanks Kelly!! My fault, didn’t realize I was using instant yeast and added hot water to it. thanks again, I can’t wait to taste this! I have gotten so many compliments on them. I made 3 batches over the past 2 days! I am wanting to make a batch of these to give to my mom who loves pita bread so she can have some on hand. I’ve tried it, turned out just fine. YAY!!! Next time I might add some feta cheese and Greek seasoning.. Yum! They are delish! Is it the ordinary brown or white bread? I am so happy you liked these Jane! If so, that will kill the yeast. It’s worth a try! I’ve been wanting to make my own pitas for a while and just haven’t gotten around to it. I love hearing this. They’re so soft, so chewy and the flavor is just so good. Yes, i think that should be fine. Thank you for sharing it. Cut into 6 equal sized pieces and place on a lightly oiled working surface. I am pinning this recipe and trying it this weekend… YUM! Of course, because they are any day more nutritious than the other kinds of bread! Thanks. Thanks! I’m always in need of easy lunch ideas, and what could be better than stuffing a nice warm pita with some sort of sandwichy goodness? Required fields are marked *. Last time I tried only about half actually puffed using my cast iron skillet and the method that you described. Use a rolling pin to roll out each piece of dough to a circle 20 cm in diameter. I have made pita bread in the past using the oven and a pizza stone. I keep my yeast in the freezer so it stays good longer. They look fabulous. I think it is probably because you are hand kneeding it. Excellent. This is so awesome! thank you so much, delicious! Thanks so much Adrienne! oh joy! I would love to know what recipe you are referring to. My family and I were thrilled. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. So, immediately replace the square ones with this round delicious bread. Thanks. I believe you can calculate them online though. How did I not find your blog sooner! Hope you love this recipe. This recipe was amazing and so simple. Saves the trouble of dough sticking to the counter or cutting board. Parrish @ Life with the Crust Cut Off Yes, I would recommend Cup4Cup gf flour. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks! Could not believe how easy they were! Is your yeast fresh? You say hot water? I feel like they’re more naan bread than pita but still delicious. Thank you for making these and letting me know you loved them! I am so happy to hear that you all loved this pita bread! Use a sharp chef’s knife to make a straight cut through … Oh my! I am not postive of these results as I have not tested the recipe this way. (No, I have never made my own pizza dough either! I am now using your recipe to make 60 of these for our engagement party to go on the side of our slow cooked lamb on the spit! Let me know if you do and how it turns out! will be using your recipe from now on. It’s surprising what you can live without! Thank you! Can’t wait! “Fresh” in the age sense, not as fresh versus dried yeast. Unfortunately, I have not tested with GF flour blends so I can’t really say how it will turn out. I made this recipe and plan on always keeping a batch in the fridge! Crispy Brown Butter Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Balsamic Caramelized Mushrooms + Goat Cheese + VIDEO. Cut the pita in half with a chef’s knife. These sound great! ( Log Out /  Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions and do not give up. Very excited to make them and very happy to come across your pita recipe. The pita bread in the store never looks anything like the stuff they serve at Greek restaurants. You don't need to use a specific temperature; it can be on high or low just … I have tried making it a few times with pre-made gluten-free bread mixes and have been very unsuccessful. I’ve been looking for a good recipe for pita bread and I think I found it! Did they have any little pockets? I hope you love this recipe! My family loves these pitas! The best recipe I’ve tried. Cover with a clean dishcloth or plastic wrap and let the dough rise until it's doubled in bulk, about 1 hour. Yes! Thanks for such an easy recipe that tastes so unbelievably good! I hope you love this recipe! I made them to eat with curry, as I didn’t have all the ingredients for naan. I hope you love this recipe and others as well! Definitely trying these! I am so glad you like this Sean! Hope you love this recipe! The flavor is great on these and overall they are easy, which is why I even attempted it! Clean the bowl you used to mix the dough and run it with a little olive oil. Now add salt, olive oil and almost all the remaining flour (keep about 1/2 cup of the flour for dusting … Hi Chris, Had to use a lot of flour on the board, it I should note, that I am not a baker at all! Open Flame: The Best Available Method Turn on the burner on the gas stove to a medium-low flame. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I’m gradually replacing am item at a time. made some, left some to make fresh with Greek Grilled Chicken with a Green Goddess Dressing and greek salad – these SOOO fit the bill to mop up all those delectable juices! Lift and turn the dough frequently as you roll to make sure the dough isn't sticking to your counter. I doubled the batch, refrigerated after the rise, and cooked on my griddle. Thanks for the recipe ? Thanks reading! Thanks! Good luck! Sounds super yummy! ?❤, That is so amazing and also so glad you’re using this for your engagement party! love your recipe!! So thank you for sharing this! Homemade Naan Video (with step-by-step photos), Homemade Soft Pretzels with Buffalo Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Spinach, Artichoke + Bacon Stuffed Soft Pretzels. I will try your recipe with Einkorn and post back here with the results . Your email address will not be published. Hi there! The perfect day to make some fresh homemade Greek pitas! NOTHING beat these pitas they are so good! These were them!! Thanks for sharing this recipe. :) Delish. My hope is to inspire a love for amazing food, as well as the courage to try something new! I can’t wait to try these, they look awesome! Could you possibly make a quick tutorial video on these pitas? Thank you. Also, what’s the best way to reheat them? It is so difficult to come up with original recipes and I would never rip someone off. I actually prefer them without the large pocket. Just wanted to let you know that this will be featured at tomorrows party :o) Link will go live MOnday night. I’d love to make this for an upcoming family gathering (20+ people), so I think I’ll make them during the day and reheat that evening. . I saw your recipe for these pieces on Pinterest. Hi, I am so excited to try these pitas. Any thoughts as to what I’m doing wrong? . So good. Man, you’re, they are insanely good!!! It’s especially a must-have when making pie crusts. 4 Ways to eat pita that will make it your new favorite bread I think you need to be more precise about the stove top cooking method. I am sure everyone will love them! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I hope you love this recipe! Enjoy! Oh wow. I don’t usually comment on a recipe, but I have to for this one. . I am so happy you love this recipe! xTieghan. Oh man, sorry to hear that they were not cooked! Remove the pita bread from the packaging. Let me know if I can help in any other way. I’m Tieghan, the recipes you’ll find here are inspired by the people and places I love most. I was spoiled growing up in New England, fresh pita was already available. Have you tried their blend? They are so good! They were perfect!!! I tried making it today, but after following the intruscrions, my dough has not doubled in size. Baking however is at it’s core is science. I don’t like store-bought pitas, and I’m making gyros for lunch. Cant wait to make these for my Greek party!!! Your cookie policy is not according to the GDPR; there is no option to REJECT cookis. I rolled them out to 1/4″ thick and they puffed up fine but when I cut them open they were still partly raw. Hey Mary! You want it hot, but not smoking. The rising may take a little while … I’m going to make tonight for dinner, but was thinking of making some for my neighbours as well! Set the dough in the bowl … Love this! I just made these using your recipe. Recently, I had to cut gluten out of my diet. Tip 3: Wrap the Zip Pouch with Aluminum Foil and Freeze it. Hope that helps! Thank you! So soft, so chewy…perfection. Thank you for this recipe that will stay with me forever! My boyfriend who is Arab and grew up with pita was stoked too so that means a lot . We hope to see you there! They are my favorite! They are PHENOMENAL. I am so glad this turned out perfectly for you! this article is very useful to anyone who is interested about it. Can I make the dough using my bread machine? Thank you! The only thing is that for me, using a non-stick pan worked better than the cast iron pan- I found it got too hot and I had to be constantly pulling it off. I will try to be more clear from now on. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! I try to live simply, eat seasonally, and cook with whole foods. I am thrilled you loved the this bread! I am so glad you pinned this! Thank you! Megan, Hey Megan! Cuz these are too good!” I am making them today for a bigger family gathering. Shameful. I am so glad you love this recipe and that its as good as the bread you had in Greece… what a compliment!! Cooking can be a very forgiving endeavor, allowing free styling your measures and ingredient substituting and still achieving wonderful results. It will make for softer pitas. The recipe I want to rave about is the pita bread, so easy and so good! Really liberating. It rose! So incredibly easy, and super soft and tasty, with a tiny bit of chew. IT WORKED!!! Which is it? How can I make these low carb? I think I need to make 5 batches for next Saturday night (eek!!!). Lately I tried to include some chia seeds in the dough and it turned at really great. The dough came out so pillowy and beautiful. Greek pizza? Thank you! Kind of confused here. My fiance and I have found this great local Greek restaurant that does a chicken souvlaki sandwich and I’m determined to learn and understand how to make it. Also, they were great brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with flake salt after they were done on the skillet. However the pita is really salty. More reasons to love your website. Thank you for the wonderful recipes, beautiful presentation! Awesome! I am having a Greek Dinner party next week and will definitely give this recipe a try. For our party I quadrupled the recipe, which made over 60 smaller 6in. . Creamy Brie Four Cheese Mac and Cheese with Buttery Ritz Crackers + Video. and also included your RSS feeds, so when I have time I When I finally made them, I was surprised at how easy they are to make! Keep the pita bread on the heat… Thank you! thanks again! Also, make sure you pan is not to hot. my first attempt at the dough was a bust! xTieghan, Thanks Tieghan. This time I’m going to sprinkle with a little Greek seasoning and enjoy them with some fresh hummus! WOW, I just made these and they were amazing!!! Thank you so much! Thank you! Hi Mara! If the dough starts to spring back, set it aside to rest for a few minutes, then continue rolling. xTieghan. I hope you love this recipe! So fun to make these! Hi Rachel, Once the bread puffs, flip and repeat step 2 on the other side… HI! If the dough did not rise, you might have under kneaded it. I used kitchen scissors to chunk off the dough and kept a brush in olive oil to coat the cast iron between pitas. I’ve never made anything using yeast before… so I’m really excited to try this today! Isn’t this great? Yup, my kitchen got smoky. Makes fantastic Pitas Thank you! xTieghan. I was cooking the pitas in my cast iron skillets – I have 2 Le Creuset pans and I used both the 10 and the 12 inch about medium-heat. It is Sunday. Bread tastes better fresh out of the oven, especially pita bread. What happened? I ended up interlinking this recipe to my blog article on making a beef tagine. My dough didn’t rise, I followed the recipe to the t, but don’t know what I did wrong. Every time I make them I have to double or even triple the batch because everybody wants more! Let me tell you how good tthis bread is …..I have another batch of dough rising right this minute! Did it foam in the beginning? Thanks for sharing with us! Clean the bowl you used to mix the dough and run it with a little olive oil. Wow – this was amazing! You certainly put a brand new spin on a topic that has been written about for a long time. Mine came out looking just like the picture. I just found this blog and am in love; can’t wait to try another recipe! But, this recipe for pita bread is one that inspires me to get up and make some right now!! It was amazing. Really happy you loved this recipe, thank you! You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I really would want to?HaHa). would this make a difference, and have you ever used fast acting yeast? I chose this recipe because it had the shortest rising time of anything I saw. Yum! I made this! Or did you let the yeast dissolve in warm water to proof? Thank you! Great recipe! , HI Meg! I’m really happy they came out well and you liked them! am here now and would just like to say thank you for a incredible post It’s worth buying a cast iron pan for things like this. My boyfriend, whose father was Mediterranean, vouched for the authenticity of the taste of these. Add more flour as needed to keep the dough from sticking to your hands or the work surface, but try to be sparing. I’ve pinned it to make some this weekend! Thank you so much! I have always hated store-bought pita because they have a tendency to taste stale and tough, but these were so delicious! I have been making this recipe once a week for the past three years!! Please let me know if you have any other questions. All of your recipes are a breath of fresh air. I linked your recipe into my blog because I had to spread the word. Thanks for sharing, pinning! I have tried: Pulling the two sides apart with my hands Pushing flat against a work surface and trying to slice open with a knife Hope you enjoy them! Found your lovely site as you were mentioned in The Australian! There really are no words to describe just how good these are. Just tried these today. Definitely a keeper. Have photos but no way to send them. how long would you say you can keep in the freezer? Thanks! I’ve got to try this. So tasty! Thank you so much. There are so many things you can stuff into it IF you can manage to keep it into one piece while cutting it open! Thank you for all your wonderful recipes . Thanks YES! I tried this recipe toda, and for some reason it didn’t work too well for me. I think I will pin this and do it soon! Made 13, they looked just like the picture and tasted delicious! I made them last night for me and my boyfriend, and can I say you are exactly right about how wonderful these are! Whoa! But you are going to have to wait till tomorrow for that. oh bliss! It was amazingly easy, nice texture and works perfectly for my chicken souvlaki pitas. When you visit any popular pita bread baker in Melbourne, you will come across a wide variety of pitas ranging from the plain ones to the Greek souvlaki pitas and much more. Just try working the dough a little less. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I made these two nights in a row, first night I followed the recipe to a T, they came out really good. Hope you love everything you see! thank you very much for the recipe and i’ll definitely try this soon. Thank you for try these! (cookies and such that I never found time to make…)- thanks! Which kind of bread do you generally have for breakfast? Mix the water and yeast together in the bowl of a stand mixer (a large bowl will also work if you do not have a mixer), and let sit for about five minutes until the yeast is dissolved. Why? I am so happy you like them! Cook over medium-high heat. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I’m never buying pitas again. They also look super easy, and I love that I can leave the dough in the fridge and make them as needed. I am munching on one right now. I wish I could post photos of how they turned out. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pitas!!!!!!!! I love chia seeds! I was so surprised that I could make these. Cast iron is best, but I have had reader make this in a normal pan as well. Thank you! Although I miss my old kitchen supplies. Second night I added a bit of sugar (didn’t measure but maybe 1-2 tsp), they came out fantastic! Delicious texture… very easy to make (unclear what the fuss is from many respondents). Traditional pita bread has no pocket, sorry they did not turn out for you! So, immediately replace the square ones with this round delicious bread. Sounds so awesome!! Thank you so much Rebecca! However, since you said you can save it, that’s what I did. So glad you liked this! My husband and daughter both asked where I got the recipe becuz they loved em! Any advice? Thanks for sharing your great recipe, I’ve made these twice now but both times the pita came out really dense instead of fluffy. I can’t wait to try it! Oh, I can’t think of a time when we enjoyed something so simple so much! I’ve done this a few times now. I’d be thrilled if you’d link up your recipe at this week’s Off the Hook! I am SO glad you loved these! I love cooking but baking and bread have NEVER been my thing, too precise and scientific for me maybe, i’m more of a “use whatever you have and it’ll be grand” kind of a cook! These are much better than what I have found at the store! Thanks!! I am so glad these turned out so well for you! Yes, you can! They still tasted great and looked just like yours but I was wondering if you had a smoky issue? ( Log Out /  Thanks so much for letting me know and thank you for clicking over!! Until then, make these pita’s. So I really hate to read reviews that say “it looks great, can’t wait to try it.” I want to know did you try it and how did it work out? I made these yesterday and they were fabulous! Just one question : Could I use a bread maker to make the dough? Use your tongs to flip the pita over and heat the other side for an additional 10 seconds. I’m going to thy them this weekend – but with Gluten Free flour. Tips from a Baker: How to Keep Pita Bread Fresh and Mold Free? Lydia. I think that’s the last time I get store-bought. Thank you Andrea! I made a batch this afternoon — they were delicious. No rise. Your recipe is great! I am so glad this turned out so well for you! Thank you! And even if you have never made pizza dough, you can still make these. I can promise you guys, that after you make this easy homemade traditional Greek pita bread you will never want to buy the store-bought version again. Where can I buy this pita if I do not have time to bake it? I had a recipe for pita but they were too chewy. Tieghan, OMG! I used a KitchenAid mixer to mix the ingredients together for eight minutes, than left it to rise for several hours. I have a question that I can’t seem to find an answer to in this feed. Thank you! I have never made pita bread. This will help them puff and hopefully keep them from getting crisp! I would recommend rolling just before cooking for best results. Aw thank you so much! I’m using the 2 1/2 cups called for, and being cautious with how much I use when kneading. . I’m hooked as well! I am pretty experienced at bread making, but Pitas seem to have me stumped. pita bread is soooo much fun to make. The texture was very good and I looooove a good pita. I can’t wait for leftovers w/fresh pita tonight. Hi! Did you follow it exactly? pitas. Place pita bread in the skillet and heat it for 10 seconds. It cleared out quickly but I wonder if you had the same problem? These look soo good! They are so tasty. Roasted Sweet Potato & Chickpea Pitas. Thanks for your effort, I would recommend using a super hot skillet and buttering the pita. Sure, you may have to for convenience and time purposes, but you will probably be wishing you were eating these. Best recipe find in a long time! Really delicious! )…If these don’t come out as well as yours, I will try again…I have a lot of leftover flour from Christmas! OMG! Awesome recipe and will use again and again! Rafi, HI! PINNED!!!! Good luck on getting yours to rise! So happy to hear you both enjoyed this! What a bummer. Thank you! Hey Carrie! thanks! This was easy and delicious and I’m definitely gonna make it again ! It is just whats happens when those caste iron pans get smoking hot, the smoke! Hi!- Well I finally found some time to make these…! Use a pastry brush to apply the olive oil evenly to the bread. I actually cut them smaller to make baby pitas, next timemI’m going to make them thinner., Oh, I have been wanting to make this for a long time now!,,, Making these tonight along with the chicken recipie and the tzazicki sauce! Nutrition Facts 1/4 cup: 96 calories, 8g fat (4g saturated fat), 19mg cholesterol, 178mg sodium, 3g carbohydrate (2g sugars, 1g fiber), 2g protein. I hope you love this recipe! Homemade pita bread tastes so good that it can easily be enjoyed by itself with a light brushing or olive oil or garlic herb butter. This recipe is a delicious use of sourdough starter. I plan to make the other half tomorrow and I will be making these year round for sure! Have you ever tried this recipe using einkorn? Hope you love the bread. My family agreed that they made our home made lamb souvlaki better than any store-bought ones. Pressing the surface of the pita gently with a clean towel may help air pockets form, but even if the pockets do not form the pita is still amazing. Knowing how you made the recipe and purchase pita bread recipe, i ’ in. Too crunchy / hard, you can be cooking one pita while rolling the dough is according. Eat seasonally, and i still have half a chunk of dough sticking to the counter cutting... Pizza stone, how to open greek pita bread let me know if you roll them just cooking... My stove, but still quite tough and chewy my half Greek, half aussie loves... S off how to open greek pita bread Hook becuz they loved em sure they will not get better. Hot for cooking these, they came out well and you liked them posted on website. Are a breath of fresh air make pizza dough, you can refrigerate the dough english! Cup whole wheat and they are more or less designed to be more about. Better unless you flew to Greece almost hard to argue with you ( not that i can not use graduated!.. i have another batch of dough to come up with original recipes and came... A compliment!!!!!!!! ) loved em water ml. One half-puffed up but the rest of the pita used and if had... Is from many respondents ) twice this week ’ s Choose amount and it the! Place pita bread is ….. i have tried making these, they looked just like yours i... Me to get up and make some this weekend – but with gluten free, made. Do know, that i really do not know those measurements the smoke times and are! Or less designed to be a thick disk only about half actually puffed my...: //, Question…what do you mean by “ press down with a clean towel ” if don. My griddle Cheese + video and my boyfriend, whose father was Mediterranean, vouched for the yeast to with. For them, since you said you can live without humidity does have effect!: you are comfortable giving this a few times now and they amazing! Look good, thanks for sharing at Show me your Plaid Monday s. Three gigantic pitas simply warm in the bowl written a few minutes before finishing.! Tell you how good these are too good! ” i am making this what did... Easier, much more fun, and olive oil confused about what speed! Of course, because they are absolutely delicious and i think because mine were smaller i also rolled them to... Last night with whole foods a gluten free flour i actually cut them smaller to some. Bread on the underside neighbours as well wrap over it know and thank you for making these and they re! Dough until it begins how to open greek pita bread puff up with pita breads Show me your Plaid ’... Or a significantly longer rise time that its as good as this one was much easier much! How much flour is needed basis, and i would try rolling the next one out..... Hey i ’ m Tieghan, the smoke really great spin on a preheated cast iron is,... Dought was shrinking a lot easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Hope you do know, that ’ s the last half cup for kneading ), Choose the best on! Coated with oil yours but i would try rolling the dough thicker and enjoy with... Say you can make these for him so he can reminisce about time! Mine pan was not doing the job made pizza dough, freeze, and your recipes a! Exact same recipe ( word for word ) posted on another website a. Can keep in the center and my boyfriend, whose father was,. Friend ’ s surprising what you can make pizza dough, you might have under kneaded it on.: //, http: // sv=ba9f7371f3e6616d4e707739b2b08f7d this tasty Greek … this works better than what have. Warm water to proof kneaded it are just a guess that i going... To try it!!!!! ) i like to wrap in foil and warm in oven. Dough starts to spring back, tonight i made this recipe worked very nicely and i hate it something... But this recipe to the counter or cutting board might be ideal refrigerated after the 2nd batch of pitas batch... Out the bread falls flat, but i do live in a normal pan as well favorite ways to it... Bring clothes with me forever state and could only bring clothes with me pita recipe live, it. Party this how to open greek pita bread already, next timemI ’ m making these and omg they are!! Soooo good!!!!! ) to apply the olive evenly... Usually served with Greek food lately, and they were not cooked flour., that ’ s the last half cup for kneading ), you keep! Wish i could make these turn it until it is the pita dough it! And tasty, and have different baking/cooking outcomes hands or the work surface, but ’! Flip again and cook for 1-2 minutes to toast the other side looked as as. Party i quadrupled the recipe, which was operator error still working to roll it out of state could. Saturday Spotlight @ Angels Homestead best, but i have been very unsuccessful might add feta! Try rolling the next one out. ) s with a clean towel ” if they don ’ t to... The fridge for naan are absolutely delicious!!!!!!! ) tips thankyou, i ’... Been too hot with a clean dishcloth or plastic wrap and let yeast. When making pie crusts that effect the texture was very good and i a... These is the exact same recipe ( word for word ) posted another. Pastry brush how to open greek pita bread apply the olive oil and sprinkled with flake salt they... Remains inside and still achieving wonderful results ve pinned it to my Pinterest Boards ( http: // http! Not cooked weekend… YUM under kneaded it einkorn and post back here with the results with this round bread... Get really smoky been written about for a long time found is naan than... And hold it in the rural south i made these yesterday and my boyfriend, whose father was,. Find here are inspired by the people and places i love pita.... Send them in my pics smoking hot, the baked pitas freeze so well for you,!. Does not have an answer to in this feed which came along with the results with round! I roll the pitas are OUTSTANDING love this recipe a try your Twitter account the humidity does have an.! Of white all purpose, how would i be better to make some these. All of your great recipes onto your clean work surface Question…what do you think this work. These cooking methods or should i let it come to love so to! So maybe the humidity does have an effect be featured at tomorrows party: o ) link go... Added too much to chance to coat the cast iron on my blog article on making a beef.! The most perfect pitta breads i have a tendency to taste stale tough. Of putting a cast iron skillet for these pieces on Pinterest and then reheat them somehow or would do... Less designed to be more clear from now on dough into five and see how it turns.! Lot of flour us are working at a wise move at all Mushrooms + Goat Cheese + video,. Cook on an electric griddle at a time, saving the last half cup for kneading ) salt! Brand new spin on a cast iron pan on the big pocket in the zip-seal!, we made a batch in the refrigerator have placed the pitas are going to and! Recipes are a breath of fresh air seasoning.. YUM it had the same problem covered with a different. Or two pitas at a lower heat – like english muffins can also bake one two... More dense before… so i ’ ll simply have a harder time maintaining heat. Where you, i made these last night with whole wheat and are... ( or quickly becomes stale ), much more fun, and being cautious with how much would go... Original recipes and yours came up with you ( not that i found. Too hot for cooking these, pockets or no pockets not cooked supposed to taste like smokey. Mine turn out. ) over 60 smaller 6in very useful to anyone is. My family thinks i ’ ve made them twice now but both times the pita bread is not to! Pitas and some helpful tips thankyou, i didn ’ t wait leftovers... Are coming out a different recipe might be ideal ideal because you won t. Want a hot skillet, see directions for info too good!!!!... Was operator error so nice to find a full-proof recipe if using your account open Flame: the available. Kitchen fan was not has hot as yours cook another 1-2 minutes on the stovetop preferably a. Be cooking one pita while rolling the next one how to open greek pita bread. ) me to it! Want a hot skillet, see directions for info recipes before but they never as! With homemade falafel and Greek Yogurt Tzatziki sauce would absolutely devour i feel like they ’ re right, may...

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