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06 Dec 2020

OR Panicles of tiny 3-petalled pink to off-white flowers produced during the warmer months. Sometimes used in aquariums. This is the true Purple Mosaic, where there is very little in green colour. The leaves has a distinctive thick succulent texture and maroon fan-like pattern at the leaf centre. Great for both aquariums and ponds. An interesting Australian native plant. Not for Tas. Red-brown spikelets produced during the warmer months. Two variants exist from this species, of which they can only be identified by seed structure. Most plants can survive 6 weeks if kept in a cool well-lit environment before planting them into your tank. Marsilea mutica (Rainbow Nardoo/Water Clover)Floating or emergent beautiful four-leaf clovers which are often patterned with striking reddish-brown colours. Dormant in winter, forming underground bulb or tuber. Click here to find out more about Aquarium Industries. 40% off for 5 Ranunculus inundatus (Lacy Buttercup)Deeply divided green leaves with linear (or needle-like) lobes. Giant Water Lily (Nymphaea gigantean): Clarence says when you see the giant flower of this plant you immediately think of the tropics. Sometimes used in coldwater aquariums. Tiny greenish flower spikes during the warmer months. Discus. Unusual. If plants are currently unavailable and for more information regarding seasonal stock availability please check our announcements on the News Page. Great for habitat plantings. Persicaria decipiens (Slender Knotweed)Beautiful spikelets of bright pink to white flowers during the warmer months. Eleocharis acuta (Common Spike Rush)Straw-coloured tinged red-brown to dark red-brown spikelets produced on top of tall deep green stemmed reed-like foliage. Small golden yellow fringed flowers during the warmer months. Aquarium Plants Factory Staurogyne Repens Clump Live Aquarium Plants Freshwater Foreground. These 5 plant packs are shipped anywhere in Australia inclusive of express postage and handling. Azolla filiculoides (Pacific Azolla)Medium green feathery foliage that resemble the foliage of ferns. Not commonly cultivated. Baumea juncea (Bare Twig Rush)Grey-green circular culm-like stems. An edible plant when prepared properly. Unusual pinkish-purple-red flowers during the warmer months. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of water treatment equipment. A great mat-forming plant for the wet area. We keep fish, shrimp and snails with our plants. Mentha diemenica (Slender Water Mint)A mat forming mint with branching stems and oval green leaves. This plant is free flowering once established. Spreads by running stems or stolons. Nelumbo nucifera 'Paleface' (Australian Native Lotus)Large beautiful white flowers tipped and edged with deep pink. The outer edges of the leaves tend to be bronzed-brown as well as the leaf centre. Bolboschoenus medianus (Marsh Clubrush)Grass-like upright triangular stems growing from rhizomes. As the plants have been grown in a laboratory, they will not introduce snails, algae or disease into your aquarium. Medium green leaves. Sometimes used as a submergent plant anchored to the bottom of pond or water feature. Red-brown spikelets appearing during the warmer months. Goodenia humilis (Swamp Goodenia)A sprawling and carpeting native wetland plant. Click here to find out more about Aquarium Industries. Plants and Livestock from $0.50 to make your hobby affordable. Limited stock. Blechnum penna-marina (Alpine Water Fern)Deep green pinnate fronds growing in a scrambling habit. A large grower that can also adapt to tub water features. Sometimes sold as the "Nymphoides variegata". Whether the plants are Australian native water plants or not, cannot be the only criteria in deciding if it should be planted. Uncommon. Original price:$6.50 each. Oval shaped translucent jade green leaves with undulated (or wavy) margins on underwater branching stems. Ammannia baccifera "Daly River Ammannia". Typha orientalis (Broad-leaved Cat-tail)Tall broad green grass-like leaves. Grows in very moist soil or in very shallow water. Always in limited supply. Limnophila aromatica (Rice Paddy Herb)Narrow ovate green leaves with serrated edges. Copyright © 1996 - 2020 Watergarden Paradise Aquatic Nursery. Excellent for habitat plantings. AUD $5.20 each Similar to the Victorian form, but the leaf sinus is open "V". All images used within this website is subject to copyright. Small golden yellow flowers during the warmer months. From sustainably raised freshwater and saltwater fish, plants, invertebrates, corals, and reef rock to premium aquarium supplies, food, and equipment. Gratiola peruviana (Austral Brooklime)Oval green leaves with toothed edges on sprawling green stems. Together with Pygmy Perch and everything you need to create a native frog pond in our garden. LiveAquaria is the largest online shop for all of your fish needs. We stock a range of Australian and West Australian native pond water plants. Similar to Cyperus alternifolius var. Green waterlily-like leaves with reddish-brown marbled patterns trailing around the edges. From sword plants, oxygenating grasses, potted plants to plants on driftwood, our diverse inventory is sure to … Not for Tas. APF® Free Shipping Aquatic Plants • Tropical & Hardy Water Lilies • Live Arrival Guarantee • Aquarium & Pond Plants • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Dry and … Spikelets bear new plants late in the season (viviparous). Oenanthe javanica (Water Parsley)NEW RELEASE! Tall grey green stemmed reed-like foliage. Cluster of pale red-brown to pale yellow-brown spikes produced near the top of the stems. Mat forming. Myriophyllum variifolium (Variable Water Milfoil)Green to tinted red needle-like (sometimes toothed or forked) leaves growing on creeping stems. About 2 million people occupy the Perth region in the south western corner of Western Australia. Green lanceolate leaves with brown markings across. Also used in aquariums. Australian Native Plants. Aldrovanda vesiculosa "Water Wheel Plant". Typha domingensis (Narrow-leaved Cat-tail)Tall narrow green grass-like leaves. You may go to any sold out listing and click on the “email me when available” button to sign up to be notified the instant we are able to … 20% off sale Not for WA. Nymphoides crenata - QLD (Crenated Water Fringe (QLD)/Wavy Marshwort)A variation or form of the species Nymphoides crenata that is found in subtropical Queensland. Tiny yellow fringed flowers. Potamogeton ochreatus (Blunt Pondweed)Long and narrow lanceolate translucent green leaves with rounded or blunt tips. Gunnera cordifolia (Heart-leaved Gunnera)An interesting Australian native from Tasmania with hairy green heart shaped leaves. With a massive variety of freshwater aquarium plants for sale, Arizona Aquatic Gardens will have just the right look and species for your aquarium. Myriophyllum papillosum var. Narrow tan brown poker heads produced during the warmer months. For those looking for more established plants Aquarium Industries also has a range of larger plants which started life off as Tissue Culture plants and have been grown in our nursery (compared to the tissue culture plants that are a bit smaller). Slow to establish. Vallisneria nana 'Mainoru River' (Mainoru River Eelgrass)NEW! Baumea preissii (Broad Twig Rush)NEW! Sometimes spelt as Spirodela polyrrhiza. A large growing plant. Myriophyllum papillosum (Water Milfoil)Green fine needle-like (or linear) leaves growing on creeping stems. Great for coastal plantings as it is mildly salt tolerant. Cyperus lucidus (Leafy Flat-Sedge)Tall growing green stems and bracts with short sharp reddish-brown spikelets produced during the warmer months. Dark brown spikes that resembles the shape of cigars. Excellent for native gardens and wetland habitat plantings. Schoenoplectus validus (River Club Rush)Tall deep green circular stemmed foliage. Aquarium plants delivered from our home breeders to anywhere in Australia. Quite a nice form. Pale violet-blue to off-white flowers during the warmer months. Approximately to 50cms in height. If you can’t make into the store then the quickest and cheapest way to get our water plants is to purchase a 5 pack. So when you choose to decorate your tank with plants, you will not only add interest and colour to your aquarium, you will ensure that your fish are happy, healthy and vibrant. A plant that is excellent for habitat gardens. $information only. Tiny yellow flowers emerging by the leaf stem underneath the leaf during the warmer months. Temporarily out of stock.Currently under propagation. Overwinters in the bottom of ponds in the form of turions. The leaves has numerous tiny short teeth on the margins. that is often sold under this name. Aquarium Industries has been supplying live aquarium fish since 1968 and we are proud to house Australia's largest range of freshwater and marine aquarium fish. Schoenoplectus pungens (Sharp Club Rush/Scirpus pungens)Grey-blue green pointy triangular stems. Wetlands are areas with lots water plants such as reeds, grasses and lilies. Nymphoides spinulosperma (Marbled Marshwort/Marbled Water Fringe)Largest flowering species from the genus Nymphoides. Marsilea hirsuta (Hairy Nardoo)Attractive emergent green four leaf clovers on short stems. Deep reddish brown spikelets produced during the warmer months. Great to be used in aquariums as a carpeting plant. Find the best offer for aquarium plants, aquarium tree, in Australia on Sometimes used in aquariums. Scented. Our online aquarium shop offers Bucephalandra, Anubias, moss & ferns. Mat-forming plant with creeping stems. Freshwater Plants If something is listed as sold out and you are interested in getting some please sign up to be notified once it goes back in stock! Lilaeopsis polyantha (Australian Lilaeopsis)Green cylindrical and hollow stems growing on creeping stems that floats on water. Schoenoplectus mucronatus (Triangular Club Rush/Scirpus mucronatus)Tall deep green triangular stems. Bright green leaves on brittle stems. Uncommon. Great for cool climate gardens. Excellent for the any size ponds or frog habitat ponds and aquariums. Aquarium Industries has a wide selection of plants suitable for your home aquariums.  Our range includes Tissue Culture plants and larger plants mounted on rock or wood and packaged in convenient hang sell packs for easy keeping until you plant them in your tank. Lilaeopsis brisbanica (Native Water Grass)Tufty strong green grass-like foliage. Often mistaken for the form called "Purple-Mosaic", but this one does not have the same amount of purple colouring on the leaves. Formerly known as Cladium articulatum. We also provide a range of fresh and frozen food products for reptiles, turtles and fish. A native of Western Australia. Quite cold tolerant. Small near white flowers produced in the warmer months. Large green waterlily-like leaves with toothed edges can reach up to approximately 20cms in diameter if given room. More of a small grower than a medium grower. Tends to grow across the waterline with leaves floating on the water surface. If you have not previously kept plants in your aquarium, Aquarium Industries have put together some care sheets to help you on your way to creating a beautiful planted tank. Limited stock. Excellent for dam plantings. Also used in aquariums as a substitute for Nymphoides aquatica. Freshwater plants also regulate the water temperature to a certain extent, blocking some of the sunlight (shading) from heating the aquatic substrate and prevent evaporation. montevidensis (Water Primrose)Deep green oblanceolate to obovate leaves on trailing stems. The website was launched towards the end of 2014 in hopes of sharing my appreciation of the natural aquatic world with more people in Australia. We have many different varieties of waterlilies, lotus, water iris’s and other aquatic plants including Australian natives. Villarsia reniformis / Ornduffia reniformis (Running Marsh Flower)Thick succulent textured dark green kidney shaped leaves with lime green undersides. From domestic to industrial, Freshwater Systems offer a wide range of pre-engineered as well as custom built solutions for all water treatment needs. Very tiny spikelets of flowers during the warmer months. Triglochin striata (Streaked Arrow Grass)Fine narrow cylindrical green grass-like leaves growing from runners. Azolla pinnata (Ferny Azolla)Light green but sometimes reddish-brown foliage. Showing 1–12 of 35 results. Golden yellow flowers that can reach up to the size of a 20c coin. Marsilea drummondii (Nardoo)Attractive floating or emergent green four leaf clovers that is sometimes feathery or furry in texture. Tiny white flowers with a hint of violet produced during the warmer months. Medium green creeping leaves. Not for Tas. Villarsia umbricola / Ornduffia umbricola (Erect Marsh Flower)Bright green leaves of varying shapes from kidney to oval shaped with slightly scalloped edges. Myriophyllum crispatum (Upright Water Milfoil)Fine green divided (or pinnate) leaves densely grown on upright stems. Sometimes used in aquariums. Usually eaten by fish as a source of diet. A very slow growing species according to our experience. Potamogeton crispus (Curly Pondweed)Wavy or heavily convuluted edges on reddish or dark green translucent leaves on branching stems that grows towards the surface of water. Not for Tas. Dwarf Hairgrass Mini Clump Eleocharis Parvula APF Aquarium Plants Buy2get1free* 4.9 out of 5 stars (94) Total Ratings 94, $22.99 New. Alisma plantago-aquatica (Water Plantain)Green ovate leaves with slightly cordate leaf base. Fresh water wetlands increase in size after rain. Mimulus repens (Creeping Monkey Flower)Attractive tiny dark green leaves bearing oversized Monkey face-like lavender flowers during the warmer months. Brand. Up to approximately 1 cm width at times. Nymphoides crenata - Inland NSW (Crenated Water Fringe (Inland NSW)/Wavy Marshwort)A variation or form of the species Nymphoides crenata that is found in inland northern New South Wales near Queensland border. Small white spined black flowerball seedheads. Similar to "Marsilea angustifolia" except for the leaf shape. Emergent leaves could closely resemble and occasionally be mistaken for the species "Potamogeton sulcatus". Not for Tas. It was during this time that the product range offered by Z-Aquatics also expanded to include a product range beyond live plants. All freshwater aquarium plants are individually labeled with color identification photos and care information to guarantee the freshest and most vigorous plants. Shop online & get free shipping over $150. Freshwater Aquarium Plants Improve the water quality of your freshwater tank while enhancing the natural beauty of your aquarium and providing shelter and security for your fish. Golden yellow flowers produced in the warmer months. Selliera radicans (Swamp Weed)Bright green obovate leaves growing from runners/suckers. Limited stock. Many of the common aquatic plants found in waterways across Australia were used by aboriginal people. Excellent for frog ponds or wetland habitat plantings. Nymphoides montana (High-country Marshwort/Water Fringe)Round bronzed-greenish waterlily-like leaves. Buy Aquarium Plants Online Australia. Very nice and long bright green leaves. Aquatic Plants from Bulbs. Tissue culture plants are grown in a laboratory, which means they are free from disease, pests and pathogens. :: Live Aquarium Fish delivered to your door Baumea articulata (Jointed Twig Rush)Tall deep green blade culm-like stems. Will sometimes continue to grow throughout the winter period if the temperatures aren't too low. Spreads up to 50cm in diameter. Grows to a height of approximates 50cms. Red berries produced during mid-summer. Myriophyllum latifolium (Water Milfoil)Green leaves with short toothed edges on creeping stems. Ceratophyllum demersum (Hornwort)Dark green brushy & brittle foliage. Can be cold sensitive if grown outdoors in cooler climate regions. This selection of aquatic plant includes plants that are either seasonal or not commonly found and are usually sold in limited quantities. A carpeting plant that spreads by stolons. 'Gracilis' but much taller and larger growing. Low-light plants are generally slow-growing in home aquariums. Tissue culture plants are grown in a laboratory, which means they are free from disease, pests and pathogens. Freshwater aquatic plants are the recycling system of the aquarium. Available in limited quantities only. The plants will arrive bare rooted, ready for you to pot up. Carex appressa (Tall Sedge)A sedge with green grass-like leaves with yellow-brown flower spikes during the warmer months. Not for Tas. Sometimes used in aquariums. Prefers cool, moist and shade conditions to do well. Cyperus vaginatus (Flat Sedge)Erect green stems with very few rib-like bracts on top. Easily breaks off to establish into a new area. The Perth Seawater Desalination Plant (PSDP) was installed in late 2006 to produce up to 45 gigalitres of potable water per year. AUD $19.50 for 5 bunches Nymphoides crenata 'Purple Mosaic' (Mosaic Water Fringe/Mosaic Marshwort)A very beautiful form of the species Nymphoides crenata. Attractive for display or frog friendly pond or bog garden. Marsilea crenata (Scalloped Leaf Nardoo)Attractive emergent green four leaf clovers with distinctive scalloping leaf margins. We select and pack for you 5 water plants from the category that best suits you. Bacopa monnieri (Smooth Water Hyssop)Small bright green elliptic leaves grown on trailing stems. Dense clusters of reddish brown spikes produced from the stems during the warmer months. Rare. Emersed stocks available most times with submersed stock available occasionally. Our Mail Order Plants are available Australia Wide. Tolerates waterlogging to highly moist condition. Ceratopteris thalictroides (Water Sprite)Multi-branching bright green floating/submerged fern-like foliage. An edible plant when prepared properly. Nymphoides crenata - Northern NSW (Crenated Water Fringe (Northern NSW)/Wavy Marshwort)A variation or form of the species Nymphoides crenata that is found in northern New South Wales. Baumea tetragona (Square Stem Twig Rush)An interesting and unusual Australian native rush with square-stemmed foliage. Tiny red flowers during spring. Baumea rubiginosa (Soft Twig Rush)Green blade culm-like flatten stems. Tends to overwinter at the bottom of the ponds. Leaf texture is also more thicker than other eelgrasses. Also used in aquariums as a carpeting plant. Vallisneria nana 'Little Yabba Creek' (Snakeskin Vallisneria/Snakeskin Eelgrass)A interesting species. Attractive panicles of white star shaped flowers during the warmer months. Can form into a mat of green foliage in shallow water areas (emersed) or underwater carpeting plant. & TAS. Potamogeton perfoliatus (Clasped Pondweed/Jade Plant)The most beautiful of the Potamogeton spp.. Also used in aquariums. Isotoma fluviatilis ssp. Dense clusters of reddish brown spikes produced from the stems during the warmer months. Where other plants would not survive due to an excess of water, aquatic plants have special structures that allow them to thrive in a water rich environment. Digital Marketing & Strategy by PN Digital, Freshwater Aquatic Plants for your Aquarium. Very spiky tip of the stem. Our pond plants for sale include bog plants , floating plants , hardy water lilies and much more. Long green leaves with golden yellow flowering during spring and summer. 'Red Stem' (Red Stemmed Water Milfoil)An interesting variant or selection of this species plant with green fine needle-like (or linear) leaves growing on an eye-catching reddish-pink creeping stems. Not for Tas. Not for Tas. Hydrilla verticillata (Hydrilla/Water Thyme)Dark green leaves with serrated edges in whorls of 5 or so and on branching stems. Prefers a cool, moist and protected site. Ludwigia peploides ssp. Also used in aquariums. Limited stock only. Plants are grown in a special nutrient rich jelly called Agar. Not for W.A. Mazus pumilio - White form (White Swamp Mazus)The white form this species. This is a low growing plant with a groundcover-type habit that creeps over the edge of ponds and rocks. Juncus pallidus (Pale Rush)Upright green foliage with light brown flower spikes produced during the warmer months. They use the waste products from the fish as fertiliser to power their growth. This particular subspecies does not often produce flowers above the water surface. Heavily fragrant when the leaves are crushed. Aquarzon also offers live fish, crystal & cherry shrimps. We post by Australia Post Express to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide. Lots of birds move into wetlands after rain. The plants require no water to keep growing while they are in the pots, as long as they are provided with light. Potamogeton sulcatus (Floating Pondweed)Oval green floating emergent leaves during the warmer months and underwater semi-translucent long lanceolate leaves during other times. A pretty little Australian native plant with small dark green foliage and attractive purple or white flowers in warmer months. Sometimes used in aquariums. Panicles of golden yellow star shaped flowers during the warmer months. Juncus ingens (Giant Rush)Tall greyish-green reed-like stemmed foliage. Very limited stock. Filter your results . Deep green waterlily-like leaves with heavily crenated/scalloped edges and a few purplish-brown speckles. For information on the plant care and maintenance of native water plants, go to our Tips & Hints page. Heavy woolly golden yellow flowers produced in the warmer months. Thick cylindrical tan brown poker heads produced during the warmer months. Most of these rare and exotic aquatic plants require a well-balanced and m Click here to find your nearest Aquarium Industries Stockist. Popular and easy to grow. Do not allow it to dry out. In Addition, plants help create a more natural environment for your fish and a planted freshwater aquarium is a beautiful addition to any room, drawing admiring comments from all those that visit. Probably the largest form discovered. Plants. Attractive bronzed-green leaves with distinctive brown markings on leaves when young. The underwater translucent dark green ovate leaves has short toothed margins. This section includes a wide range of Australian native aquatic plants ranging from moisture loving reeds/rushes to fully submerged aquatic species. In 2006, Perth became the first Australian city to operate a seawater desalination plant, the Kwinana Desalination Plant, to reduce the city's vulnerability to … The stems are reddish at times. TIPS. Plant Care; Plumbing Fittings; Reverse Osmosis & Water Purifiers; Gravel, Rock & Substrates; Water Circulation & Wave making. This 40-second video shows our team in action at our plant facility. As plants grow, they generate oxygen, which the fish then breathe; a perfect combination. Spreads by broken branches. Different to other native Myriophyllum species as this one have quite distinctive emergent leaves. Tiny white fringed flowers bourne by the leaf stem. Slightly bronzed-green waterlily-like leaves with scalloped edges and a few purplish-brown speckles. Straw-brown spikelets (occasionally tinged red) produced during the warmer months. Leaf lobes tend to overlap, especially on younger or new leaves. Nymphoides indica (Water Snowflake/Snowflake Lily/White Water Fringe)Green waterlily-like leaves initially patterned with purplish-brown. The distinctive hairy sporocarps separates this plant from the others under this genus. Leaf underside bright reddish in colour. Juncus usitatus (Native Rush)Thin green cylindrical rush-like stems with tiny golden-brown coloured flower spikes during the warmer months. Ottelia ovalifolia (Swamp Lily)Green strap-like emergent leaves in the warmer months and grass-like underwater leaves during the cooler months. Great for landscaping. Waterlily-like leaves with scalloped leaf edges and a few purplish-brown speckles. In temperate region, this plant tends to stay active (producing leaves) overwinter. Temporarily out of stock. VERY LIMITED STOCK. Glossostigma elatinoides (Glossostigma)Egg-shaped or wedge shaped green leaves on trailing stems. Marsilea costulifera (Narrow Leaf Nardoo)Beautiful small growing four-leaf clovers with narrower leaves than other species under the same genus. $information only. $5.50 per stem. Baloskion tetraphyllum (Tassel Cordrush/Restio tetraphyllus)Green thread-like foliage emerging from erect stems covered with light brown sheaths across each node. This is the true form and not the Pratia spp. Rare. Nymphoides crenata - Variegated Form (Crenated Water Fringe - Variegated Form)Green waterlily-like leaves with distinctive toothed edges. A great substitute for Elodea plants both in aquarium and ponds. Tiny lavender flowers produced in the warmer months. Not for Tas. Panicles of tiny 3-petalled pink to off-white flowers produced during the warmer months. Cyperus exaltatus (Giant Sedge)Tall growing green stems and bracts with reddish-brown spikelets produced during the warmer months. Tends to be evergreen for us. This particular species tends to be much more cold tolerant than others under this genus. Very limited stock. Often used in aquariums. Eleocharis pusilla (Dwarf Eleocharis)Short dark red-brown to blackish spikelets produced on top of mid green stemmed foliage. Crassula helmsii (Swamp Stonecrop)Short linear (or narrow lanceolate) green leaves on trailing pinkish-brown stems. Bulbs can be dried from some aquarium plants and planted. Crinum pedunculatum (River Lily/Swamp Lily)White starry flowers from long stalks during the warmer months. Not for Tas. Elatine gratioloides (Waterwort)An attractive sprawling or upright growing plant. Overflow Boxes; Enductor Out Flow & Loc-Line; Internal & Wet/Dry Pumps. Phragmites australis (Native Reed)Tall growing bamboo-like green leaves with eye-catching and silvery white fine spikelets produced in the warmer months. Purple flowers with white throat appears during the warmer months. Chorizandra enodis (Black Bristle Rush/Echidna Rush)Very narrow blue-grey to dull green cylindrical stems. Please follow the links below for further information: Find Your Local Aquarium Industries Aquatic Plant Supplier >>. This is our approach to aquatic plants. The largest of the duckweeds. Often used in aquariums. Bronzed flower spike during the warmer months. Wide green blade of very flatten stems. Similar to the northern NSW form, but the leaf lobes overlap at sinus. Villarsia albiflora / Ornduffia albiflora (White Marsh Flower)The truly beautiful & unusual white flowered species from Western Australia. Floats just beneath the water surface. In addition, its brine discharge has been shown to have no adverse impact on the environment. API Leaf Zone Aquarium Plant Food $ 16.95 $ 14.65; API CO2 Booster $ 15.99 $ 12.99; Red Flame Sword - Beginner Tropical Live Aquarium Plant $ 5.95 $ 4.95; Cryptocoryne Balansae - Freshwater Live Aquarium Plant $ 5.95 $ 3.95 Limited stock. Tiny white flowers in warmer months. Nymphoides crenata - Victoria (Crenated Water Fringe (Victoria)/Wavy Marshwort)A variation or form of the species Nymphoides crenata that is found in Victoria. Quite rare and not commonly available commercially An edible plant when prepared properly. Plants are grown in a special nutrient rich jelly called Agar. Add to the Allure of Your Pond with Our Water Garden Plants In addition to enhancing the beauty of your water garden, pond plants can improve water quality through filtration and oxygenation. Landoltia punctata / Spirodela punctata (Dotted Duckweed)A species of duckweed that is between Lemna sp. Choose from a beautiful range of hardy and tropical waterlilies or if you need help or advice, Kevin or Lisa will be able to answer your questions. Interesting kidney shaped green leaves with papery-like texture. Tiny yellow fringed flowers during the warmer months. May be cold sensitive, hence not suitable for areas cooler than the temperate regions. Currently under propagation. Prefers climate with low humidity and shelter from hot winds. Full sun to semi-shade. These products serve to enhance and ease the aquarium keeping experience. Marginal, full aquatic and flowering varieties are available. Aquarium Industries were the first in Australia to introduce tissue culture aquatic plants to the aquarium industry, but what is a tissue culture plant? This section includes a wide range of Australian native aquatic plants ranging from moisture loving reeds/rushes to fully submerged aquatic species. Our Mail Order Plants are available Australia Wide. Can only be propagated by seeds. Ficinia nodosa / Isolepis nodosa (Knobby Club Rush)Green stemmed foliage with short brown spikes produced during the warmer months. Can be grown in a bog garden or shallow pond up to 15cm deep. As Australia's supply of freshwater is increasingly vulnerable to droughts, possibly as a result of climate change, there is an emphasis on water conservation and various regions have imposed restrictions on the use of water.. Deep reddish brown spikelets sparsely produced during the warmer months. Freshwater plants, also known as aquatic macrophytes, have adapted to survive in locations where water is the dominant feature of the landscape. Lythrum salicaria (Purple Loosestrife)Tall shrub with narrow-ovate green leaves. One of the most important functions that aquatic organisms get out of the aquatic plants is using them as a substrate to place their eggs. The leaves rarely taper with the water level. Great both in ponds and aquariums. Pisces Enterprises; Showing 1 to 21 of 21 Sort by. Very limited stock. An edible plant when prepared properly. New Release Discus; Discus Direct 5-6Cm; 9-10 cm Discus; 12-13 Cm Discus

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