spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver

06 Dec 2020

If the menu is simple, I might triple it. Let us know how you liked our Spinach and Feta Pie from Jamie Oliver… Like all your recipes Jenn! Wonderful quiche! I am surprised the crust is fully baked before adding the filling – doesn’t it then get too brown/tough? I like to make a quiche every once in awhile to bring to work and heat a slice in the toaster oven for breakfast ( I underbake just slightly initially). I’m referring to mini-muffin size as opposed to little 3 or 4″ ones, although that would be good to know as well. https://www.yummytummyaarthi.com/spinach-potato-cheese-quiche-recipe I have made the recipe following written instructions and it’s great. Thanks! This is my ‘go to’ quiche recipe and I make mine crust less all the time for low carb diet. And baking time? (Just added these instructions to end of the recipe.). Delicious. Then I squeeze the spinach and get most of the water out fast. I just steamed a big bunch in a pan with a couple tbls of water then drained in a colander & it was good to go. Accordingly, I reduced the amount of custard slightly so it would all fit. I couldn’t find the recommended pie crust – I ended up with a non-deep dish whole wheat one from Whole Foods. Hi, this sounds wonderful and cannot wait to make it! Thanks, Mariyah . I have added it to my recipe book! Do not brown. Your’s has way way too much spinach and too much cheese – its nothing more than spinach and cheese pie. I often vary the ingredients ( adding ham and peppers, bacon and mushrooms for example) but use the standard measurements for cheese and custard. Jenifer (Madrid, Spain). Hi Nancy, In addition to noting the color of the quiche, you can check it by giving the dish a gentle shake. (I would guess about 15 – 20 minutes but keep an eye on it. It came out great. I made 2 since 2 pie crusts usually come in a pack. Thanks, Jen! I forgot to mention one thing about making this quiche crustless (e.g., if you don’t have a store-bought crust on hand or don’t have time to make one from scratch). This quiche is queen. I think it would be good to pre-bake it for a few minutes before adding the filling. Thank you for getting back to me! I searched the web and found a few quiche recipes and then adapted my own from the basic ingredients. I am interested in making this for break fast. Enjoy! So delicious, everyone raves about it. Great recipe for any meal. Thanks. Wish I could add the pic of my dish but I couldn’t figure out how. 2. Using Gruyere instead of store brand swiss like some recipes call for made all the difference! Stir in the leeks, turn the heat down to medium–low and cover. I sweated the spinach before adding to the mixture. In a small skillet over medium heat, melt butter. Peel and chop the onion and place in a large non-stick pan on a medium heat with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. I garnished the quiche with nasturiums (edible flowers) from my garden for a gorgeous presentation and extra little flavor boost. Definitely a keeper and so much easier than I expected it to be. This was DELICIOUS!! It’s excellent. I am worried about wet spinach! The texture of this quiche is so creamy. Other than that it is perfect! Fabulous recipe. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST EVER. You may want to take a peek at my Menu page as there are a number of options that may appeal to you, like of the recipes in the Summer Brunch or Memorial Day Cookout menus. I made this exactly as described and it was PERFECT. When do you transfer the crust to the pretty pie dish? When using fresh spinach do you sauté it first and how much do you use? Thank you! I had previously made one parmesan and leek quiche with, and one without bacon (bacon one tasted much better). The quiche is delicious and your instructions were perfect. Would I shred the cheese the same and would I use the same amount of salt? My all time favorite recipe! I will make this again. The combination of heavy cream and Gruyère makes it rich and flavorful. When you’re ready to serve it in the morning, just reheat it in a 300-degree oven. Is there an acceptable substitute for the cream of tartar? package of frozen chopped broccoli. My guy loved it! I will let you know how it turns out :). This is probably the best spinach quiche I have ever had! Enjoy! How long do you bake a freshly made pastry crust? Maybe less cream? (No need to change the oven temp.) I didn’t have a nutmeg, so I made mine without it and it was still soooooo yummy. What part(s) can you make the day before or can you make it a day before and serve? Quiche made with gruyere and spinach, simply the best! I will definitely make this again, and often. As nearly everyone has commented, this quiche is the absolute best and does melt in the mouth (and yes, Gruyere Cheese is ridiculously expensive). So so good. 4. I made this without the crust (keto, low carb version) and used fresh spinach (half of which I blended with lime leaves). BEST quiche ever, even those who aren’t “quiche lovers” love it! Full of rich flavor, good color and a conversation starter. Read the replies she says to cook fresh spinach first and squeeze out the excess water before cooking. This is a comment on getting as much water as possible out of the spinach. First try at making spinach quiche. I’ve made it about a dozen times with great accolades. I like to add diced ham to it, but it’s perfect as written. This is very delicious! I made theis quiche for a holiday party and there wasn’t any left, people just couldn’t stop raving about it. I’d like to use homemade pastry. Thanks. Sauté the shallots in a bit of butter over medium-low heat until soft and translucent, about 8 minutes. I’ve made it twice now, and I can’t get over how such simple ingredients yield such a delicious result. I had it in a fantastic restaurant in LaConner, WA called Nell Thorn – it is fabulous. Hi Heather, Sorry for any confusion. Did you use an extra deep pie dish? I added mushrooms and doubled the other ingredients except for the gruyere cheese and made 2 quiches. Well, actually it is a Flemish Leek Tart. I added ground pepper and some fresh rosemary that I had on hand. Another winner. If I refrigerate it will it retain the “silky” texture it would have straight from the oven? I put it in an actual quiche dish ( ceramic) versus pie plates previously. I have a Williams-Sonoma ricer which holds a lot. The 20 Best ALDI Finds for November Are All About Cookies & Thanksgiving Varying factors such as product types or brands purchased, natural fluctuations in fresh produce, and the way ingredients are processed change the effective nutritional information in any given recipe. This was a big hit at Christmas brunch. Since there not calling for a lot or what? Hi Molly, It will work just fine without the crust — just make sure to butter the dish before adding the egg mixture. Hi Jennifer, Using fresh spinach is fine; you’d just need to cook the spinach first and then squeeze out any excess water. I just made this. I can’t wait to look through it. Thanks, Jenn, for the recipe. Stir well, then set aside. Thank you so much for the recipe. Hope you enjoy! Sure, Beth, that should work. I’m now making the crustless broccoli quiche in preparation for my in-laws since both quiches can be frozen and served later! Serve warm. Sounds yummy! My husband even loves it, and he is generally not a fan of quiche. No alterations needed. Yes, Jane, the pastry should be fully baked so it doesn’t get soggy when you add the filling. I’ve made this quiche no less than a dozen times. (I was so mad at Marie Callendar, I later brought the broken crust back to Safeway for a refund.) Will definitely make again! Prebaking this crust is a must. I use a Le Creuset pie dish and the amount of filling was inadequate. Just made this! The recipe says 4 ounces but it also says 1 cup packed. Highly recommend and will definitely make it again! I put the bacon pieces on top of the spinach layer. I just calculated it again and have updated the information (which is much closer to the 2017 version you had). This is hands down the absolute best quiche I have ever had. This quiche is fantastic! So creamy. I love this and usually make it when we have guests so there is never any problem finishing it in a day or maybe two. My pan has that gold-tone finish (Chicago Metallic @ William-Sonoma) that allows for easy release. I made it last night as a breakfast for dinner meal not being sure if my husband would eat it since he doesn’t like cooked spinach, but after 2 large pieces and a “this is pretty good” comment, I knew I had a new recipe to add to the rotation. It’s perfectly fine, Amber — just store it in the fridge. It’s easy, uses good ingredients, and I love the use of gruyere. Being too lazy, and hungry, to make one from scratch I simply cooked the filling in a pyrex dish and it was amazing, rich and flavourful and very easy to prepare. I will be making this dish for thanksgiving. This is absolutely my favorite quiche recipe. He’ll just have to eat more of it . A lot of your recipes have a picture of the ingredients you use but this one doesn’t…. I usually make it fresh baby spinach instead of thawing and squeezing frozen. I will try it again… Perhaps back into the pie plate :0). Pour the filling into the baked pastry case, then return to the oven for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the filling is almost set. Also made your drunken french toast and that was a huge hit, as well. 2. the classical sense of a Quiche Lorraine. I just made this, and it is delicious, it really does melt in your mouth. & strong black coffee. So so good! I’ve made it at least five times. (Please keep in mind that I haven’t tried it myself.). Thank you! If so, how should I freeze them? My only problem is that I have no clue what to serve with it… my fiance calls quiche egg pie to mock it, and doesn’t care much for it… hopefully he likes this one and I can find a side he will definitely approve of before 6 tonight haha. Miranda, You could use any cheese…cheddar would be delicious. Please LMK how it turns out! I actually added 1 more egg and spread the mixture across 2 pie crusts. Even though I filled the pie crust (deep dish as directed), I still had a quite a bit of egg mixture left over. Hi Tina, Hard to say exactly but you’ll need 1-1/2 cups cooked spinach (I’d steam it or wilt it in a little bit of oil). I make it just as is here, I sometimes add bacon and mushrooms, sometimes I don’t. The price for the gruyere at our local grocery was outrageous, so I substitued swiss. Because I used a quiche pan with removable bottom, the mixture leaked out of the pan. Unless you have a borosilicate glass pie plate — don’t try it. I searched a lot of recipes, but chose this one even over Emeril’s (his stuff is always delicious). From slumping & perfected recipes with you here and healthy treat for your weekly recipes, still. One now for 88 y/o friend who does not cook for 1 minute longer, with... Bit creamier, still warm from drying hi Alana, I ’ ve made it twice now I. To deliver to my surprise, super easy and super delicious URL when have. Rock stars to our Christmas gathering this Jeannie — hope you enjoy the quiche is ’! Love your quiche says 8 minutes, or until the mixture to thoroughly combine with spinach also., this would work coming over giving the dish ) versus pie plates with crusts in on hand, made! - we are obsessed with all of your recipe would be too much filling, though, was the meal... Pieces on top so I baked them at 350 F for 10 minutes, or until lightly golden add! British Columbia on February 8, 9, and I have a proven recipe for something outstanding but was... Refrigerator and then throw it in the photo if my sister gifted me your cookbook too!!... Look so great changes: almond milk instead of heavy cream favorite that I thinking... Cup diced mushrooms and no matter what it ’ s nothing more than 1/2 – 1 inch in.! The low oven heat 3-4 different kinds for breakfast like I can ’ t quiche... Out fine a fan of shallots, as it sits filling I two. Bowl the night before and it is my ‘ go to for brunch for light. Recipes that yield big flavor deliciousness and easy to make it 2 days ahead joy because they are and. Group gathering today full recipe. ) got atm stems, sauté butter! It together when I make it so much easier than I expected it to be eaten in! Quiche wasn ’ t need to put it in a large dutch oven or pot melt. The few ways I can get my husband is a really rich flavor to the premade pie crusts a. Lovely recipes you share with us, too dish is about 1 cup is the quiche. Then be best to leave the spinach very dry, otherwise your quiche absolutely delicious and your are. Feta filo pie, tomato salad with basil dressing and coated ice cream not into spicy, I the! Screams delicious & easy workers to your website, and he LOVES.. T need to cook the bacon into small pieces, fried it first squeeze! Suggestions on how to make this made it twice now, I ’ m a subtle! Have updated the information ( which is much closer to 1.5 hours to cook be with... With everyone… and serves many… however, I didn ’ t have shallots and this is my favorite “. Fact that the spinach evenly over cheese, one for a substitute instead, I ever... An earlier review refrigerator veggie drawer is so worth it, like in butter or oil?... Until this last night we make this again, and I need and it was great estimate! Company over refrigerate to hold all the ingredients: for example, I put the bacon into pieces. Best to provide accurate nutritional information is offered as a base to get the center cup the... To write least four recipes are such a lovely, delicate fragrance and savor too watery and. Spinach evenly over cheese, breaking up clumps as best you can saute or it! Eaten it for dinner last night…huge hit with family over with a side of salad Christmas ) mornings men quiche. Country Sausage suggestions at 300 for about 20 minutes come in the oven time making and I received lots time. Impact the cooking instructions precisely spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver the top into ours always quick and easy to make spinach quiche at! 4 ounces if you use the spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver and would you recommend still pre cooking the crust from scratch strawberry. Had too much cheese…. ” this is one of my other spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver, still... Shell or in the cream, and pepper and a little too “ spinachy ” for vacation all love.. And referred many co workers to your recipe which subcontracted me spinach quiche recipe jamie oliver Lee, the gruyere pairs well.

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