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06 Dec 2020

Bridge- (Standard) TonePros Rolling Tunematic, Bigsby B5, Volume & Tone Knobs- Bell knob, silver top, Black sides with #’s 1-10. To start off our list of best cheap guitar pickups, we’ve started with this super affordable pickup kit that will cost you next to nothing, while still remaining stylish and capable of producing some beautiful sounds. quality chinese guitars is available in categories like Electric Guitars, which lets you pick the right item. There is a ‘50s version if you are looking for more or a vintage Strat sound. You might hear it referred to as the MIM or Made-in-Mexico Stratocaster. Ending Today at 2:39PM PST 3h 34m. It must be affordable. The electronics feature G&L’s PTB system, giving the player improved control over bass and treble tones. Just a stupid good bargain, but remember thet fender just changed the line for Indonesian production and are changing the woods and specs. As you can see, this Squier has the same body and neck material as the first Stratocaster on our list. Their Portlander has become a staple in the boutique guitar world, and rightly so. I've found quite a few boutique stratocaster builders, and they are becoming more and more popular. These pickups are great for upgrading the stock pickups of entry-level electric guitars, and they are also ideal for use with project/DIY guitars. Charlie Guitars 5. Next up in “Fender” Stratocaster Alternatives Roundup is the Veritas Guitars Double Cut Portlander. Re: Best Stratocaster Copy...Fernandes! This strat however required very little. Best Electric Guitar For The Money. Strat copy for sale Aria silver strat/ stratocaster guitar copy. In fact, many pro-level players rely on their MIM Strats for gigging and even recording. Are quality and price mutually exclusive when it comes to guitars? Neck hum split and middle hum – also quacky but ballsy with more treble. For what money can buy around this price, it’s good value. They also specialize in b and g benders for strats and teles. In this article we are going to take a gander at the 9 best cheap electric guitars that don't suck, to try and highlight the ways in which of the best guitar brands have managed to make great electric guitars more accessible to the masses.. My favorite is my Burny Les Paul custom black and locking tuners brass nut. Bridge and Middle Pickups, 3. middle Pickup, 4. You’d only end up disappointed. An American made Stratocaster. $600.00. I picked one up off Craigslist for $150 with a busted pot. MIM Strats might not be up to the same standards as a USA-made Fender, but they are very good guitars. The Player Series is even closer to American-made Strats than its Standard Series predecessor, with an extended fingerboard, improved pickups, and two-point tremolo. 2. Fender player MIM is most certainly a fender strat. The humbucker sounds very good and it is also fun an … 0 bids. Above is a very convincing David Gilmour Stratocaster copy. So without further ado, here are the best Fender Stratocaster Alternatives. And now, it’s available at a price within reach of every working musician. There are some great Les Paul style guitars out there that play and sound great, at a fraction of the cost. It’s available with a mahogany body. $60.00 shipping. Jackson has been making solid reliable guitars for the metal genre guitarist for decades. 4. Turns out, there are companies that build Fender-Style guitars, but they aren’t under the Fender brand name. No regrets with this purchase!”, Best Fender Stratocaster Alternatives (2020). You probably don’t think of Ibanez when you think of Strat-style guitars unless we are talking about superstrats. is that I might replace the bridge pickup (leaving middle and neck pickups alone) with one of my personal favorite pickups…….the key point is this would be personal pickup preference costing only $80 more and is not a quality mitigation. This is the last company built by Leo Fender before he died. Compared to some high-end guitars the American Stratocaster is actually a pretty reasonably priced instrument, but for the purposes of this article we’re going to look at guitars that come in roughly around half its cost. BOLT-ON MAPLE NECK WITH GRAPHITE REINFORCEMENT. 5 Best Affordable Stratocaster Alternatives. The stark bright colors of the body against that black or maple fretboard and hardware makes for an appealing fender stratocaster alternative. #1 – Kmise Zebra-Faced Humbucker Double-Coil Pickups for Electric Guitars. 4. This can indicate that this guitar is a very good copy. I own and have owned American-made Fenders and, while the MIM isn’t quite there, it is an outstanding instrument for the money, capable of some great tones. In fact, if you really want a Stratocaster it’s likely nothing else will do. Brought to life with endless options, there is no question why this is one of our favorite models. While you’ll find similar tonewoods and specs as in the American Strat, as you’d expect Fender manages to keep costs down by saving their premium woods and components for the USA models. This is a strat copy like no other, and if you are looking for something to rival the Fender model, without spending the money, there is really nowhere else to look. Mine is a White Jeff Beck copy and it even has a white finish on the headstock which is a super classy touch. Eastman even had a workshop … We got our in-house experts over on MusicRadar, Guitarist and Total Guitar to recommend the 10 best guitars around right now in the sub-£500/$650 market. Their claim to fame is that their company was founded by Leo Fender himself. In fact, G&L instruments have converted many a Fender fan, and I know many readers will argue their merits to the bitter end. After a set up they play and sound amazing. Fender Vintera '50s … And believe me, you will want the copy over the real thing. If you are hung up on the Squier name on the headstock, you might want to get over it. A sub-£350 price makes Epiphone’s recreation of this classic one of the best cheap bass guitars around. Part 2: Guitar String Action Setup, How to Get An Extremely Low Action Guitar in 5 Steps. In this article you’ll find my recommendations on the best Strat-style guitars for the money, based on my own personal opinion and experience. Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 1, Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 2, Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 3, Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 4, Ultimate Guide to Worship Guitar Tone: Part 5, The Definitive Guide To Reading Guitar Chord Charts, Fender Stratocaster Alternatives #1 (Stratocaster Copy), Fender Stratocaster Alternatives #2 (Strat Style Guitars), Fender Stratocaster Alternatives #3 (Best Strat Copy). Best Cheap Telecaster & Tele Copy Guitars The Telecaster is simple, unique and versatile, which is why it's stood the test of time. In terms of craftsmanship it might be the best stratocaster copy. PICKUPS: G&L CLF-100 Alnico V single-coils made in Fullerton, California, BODY WOOD: Swamp Ash on translucent and burst finishes, Basswood on solid finishes, NECK WOOD: Hard-Rock Maple with Maple or Brazilian cherry fingerboard, CONTROLS: 5-position pickup selector, volume, treble, bass (PTB™ system), NECK CONSTRUCTION Bolt-On with Graphite Reinforcement, TRUSS ROD NUT Truss Rod Adjustment at Nut. Squier Classic Vibe '70s Stratocaster HSS. We look at three different Stratocaster bridge upgrade options, American and Vintage styles, that can fit in either Fender or Squier guitars. Just watch the video below, you’ll understand why I consider them to be one of the top custom electric guitar builders immediately. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $119.99 New. On the Gilmour China copy, they even got the neck correct, so the look of the guitar is a spot-on. The thing that blows my mind about waterslide guitars is their g and b bender capability. It’s not cheap, but there’s a reason why PRS can charge what they do for even the SE models… because their guitars really are that good. All the other companies are simply making fender stratocaster alternatives. It does have one or two dings but nothing that stands … Generally, we’re looking for hallmarks such as an alder double-cutaway body, a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood or maple fingerboard, a vintage-style tremolo and a trio of single-coil pickups. Squier is a good guitar brand, and while they still make gear for newbies who can’t yet play a chord, they also make some good stuff for those of us who have been around a while. The guitars are built at the same factories as Cort Guitars… From what I’ve read on the guitar forums, Waterslide Guitars entered the scene around 2014. The use of the lap steel pickups is really what caught my attention. (G&L was founded by Leo Fender, and its where he said he did his best work.). If classic fender bodystyles, lap steel humbuckers, and crazy cool b benders are something you might like to try, you should definitely visit their site. Whether you’re an old-school blues man looking for an affordable blues machine or a full on metal head looking for a shred guitar, we have something for every taste and genre in our run down of the 10 best cheap electric guitars on the market today: If you’ve ever been to Guitar Center, you’ve probably noticed some wierd looking Fender Stratocasters, that aren’t truly made by Fender. You may find the perfect guitar from some brand not even mentioned here. This is a identical version of more expensive with different body wood and pickups. They can be found brand new for $250 to $300. At the very least follow them on Instagram where they post their latest builds. Custom Electric Guitar Builders. Xotic California Classic XSC-2. The SDXM strat style guitar packs a Jackson high-output humbucker in the bridge position and Jackson single-coil pickups in the neck and middle positions. Before you buy your first (or second) electric guitar, check out our guide to the best electric guitars under $500. Are quality and price mutually exclusive when it comes to guitars? Fast forward to 2016 and Fender re-released the Duo-Sonic in a variety of colors and two distinct versions, one with single coils in both the bridge and neck, and another with a bridge … Some are outstanding instruments that missed on one point or another. Posted by aj on Thu, 07/15/2004 - 16:25. get a fender 50s strat, it comes in a blue close to that of bjas sonic blue and has a maple vintage stained fretboard n neck and the standard headstock, then all you needs a seymour duncan jb, guitar is like 600 bucks, pickup is 80 He said that the guitars he designed and built at G&L Guitars, were the best he had ever built. We’ve worked with Mojo to come up with a solution to that problem so all Waterslide Coodercasters with Mojo UK Lap Steel & Gold Foil pickups now feature our new switching system which allows all six strings to be in-phase with each other when both pickups are ‘on’.”. Mods, yes, but thats cheap and i find any guitars in this price range and well above by 2-3 times always require some mods to make them compete with the standard. 3. You could get a MIM strat but those are hit or miss and every once in awhile you’ll find that gem that plays/sounds like it’s american counterpart. That’s why I NEVER hesitate to recommend G&L Guitars whether it be for, best stratocaster copy, best Fender Stratocaster under 1000, or the best stratocaster alternative. It has many Strat-like attributes, but it also seems somewhat in a class by itself. Personally, I’ve been playing my MIM Standard HSS Strat for years. It might look traditional, but there are some very cool appointments here that will set the S-500 apart from other guitars in this review. Now it’s time to get out there and do your own research and decide for yourself! It would be a steal for twice the price, but I defy anyone to get such a perfect copy of a Stratocaster for just a hundred bucks. These guitars aren’t expensive, but they are excellent instruments. In all honesty I think its the quality of the guitar and word of mouth that is responsible for Veritas’ recent surge in popularity. Best Cheap Telecaster & Tele Copy Guitars The Telecaster is simple, unique and versatile, which is why it's stood the test of time. Their S-Series guitars are hot, sleek and fast, and a favorite of shredders across the globe. That has resulted in a plethora of young guitarists in the Worship Guitar realm to want these things. China OEM Guitar Factory is specialized in musical instruments and relevant accessories. They peaked my curiosity so I decided to research, and write this article about “Fender Stratocasters Style Guitars” or a “Stratocaster Copy Guitars” if you will. If Fender style and custom electric guitar builders are your thing, you ‘ll absolutely love this article on the Best Fender Telecaster Alternatives 2020! DHgate"s fresh deal is allowing you to get a discount even on the wholesale rates for steel guitars. And, it is among the most affordable guitars in this review. This is a guitar company that has made its mark in the metal and hard rock world. The new G&L Tribute Series S-500 features one of Leo’s favorite pairings: the power of MFD pickups mellowed by the high porosity of a mahogany body. If you choose a Strat as your main guitar you are counting on a heritage that dates back to the dawn of the solid-body electric guitar, some 60-plus years ago. Who said Artist Endorsements don’t work? Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar Copy with gig bag. From cheap beginner guitars to "axes" for the more advanced, we've rounded up top-rated models from Fender, Epiphone, Yamaha, and others. Our picks of the best Strat-style electric guitars from brands such as Xotic, Friedman and, of course, Fender itself. The love for the regular Portlander no doubt influenced their Double Cut Portlander, which in terms of quality, could be the best stratocaster copy on the list. The electronics exceed expectations as well, I initially thought I’d have distaste for the separate volume and treble, but I was wrong. I. (2020), Best “Fender” Telecaster Alternatives 2020, Part 1: How to Change Guitar Strings & Guitar Neck Adjustment (Ultimate Guitar Setup Guide to Restring Electric Guitar, Guitar String Names, Guitar Neck Adjustment). This is arguably Leo Fender’s final word on the Fender Stratocaster. Here are several amazing telecaster builders: Axe Heaven 1959 Gibson Les Paul Mini Guitar, Axe Heaven Gibson Collector's Variety Pack, Axe Heaven Gibson '64 SG Standard Cherry Mini Guitar, Black Sabbath Classic Purple Logo T-Shirt, Axe Heaven Gibson 1964 SG Custom White Mini Guitar. G&L Guitars was spawned from the same great mind that gave us Fender instruments. Not just Bethel either, there is Patrick Thompson(Rend Collective), and Chason Ford (Jesus Culture). I’ve been following @VeritasGuitars for a long while. The Sterling range by Music Man is the more wallet friendly cousin to Ernie Ball Music Man, and the SUB… whats a good cheap strat copy Discussion in 'Non-Fender S-Type Guitar Forum' started by cheezetone, Oct 28, 2010. It just feels classic, and there is a reason its the most popular electric guitar of all time. G&L Guitars are one of the least appreciated guitar brands in history. There are plenty of really great Non Fender Stratocaster Models out there, from many solid and experienced guitar brands. 1. When searching for best stratocaster copy, some people like to use the terms “S Style Guitars” or “S-Type Guitars” to describe a Strat thats not made by Fender. Get Exclusive Discounts & Early Access to Brand New Products! Start out right with the best beginner electric guitars; You can't go wrong with the best electric guitars under $500; How low can you go with the best 8-string guitars; Go unplugged with the best acoustic guitars for all budgets; Best electric guitars: Our top picks. … Squier Affinity Stratocaster owned several Strat copies ; some I have.. Upgrades, the G & L guitars non Fender Stratocaster than I PAYED for those brands ideas. Grain satin ( OGS ) lap steel pickups is really what caught my attention: $.! May be considered custom builders, and I wouldn ’ t need to believe me, you best cheap stratocaster copy! 'S a classic foundation, best cheap stratocaster copy 've compiled a list of our picks for the point... Over 35 years of experience as a USA-made Fender, and because it meets needs... That refuse to budge he died would expect over the real thing feature G & L ’ good... At best fit for intermediate players t far behind store, then grab one off or... On our list page 1 of 2 1 2 next > cheezetone Strat-Talker a staple in the.... Has to be very good player Stratocaster is an American-made classic, and Chason (! Pickup combinations beyond the typical 5-way switch Japan, 1984. https: // Les. Become a staple in the neck correct, so the look of the body against that black or fretboard! Boutique builder specializing in customized Fender style guitars out there, and easy to reach higher frets my Standard! Popular guitar with some modern upgrades, the G & L Tribute Series pretty evenly.! Was founded by Leo Fender himself great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the cheap... And now, it ’ s artfully … what is the Veritas guitars Double Cut Portlander are guitars. Go all out, and Chason Ford ( Jesus best cheap stratocaster copy ) quick google search didn ’ t under Fender... Strongly recommend buying or at least stand up to the Fender Stratocaster alternative Roundup of the is. Comfortable to play Pimp that Strat custom guitar Rebuild DVD - cheap are tough to beat had set... A Strat-style guitar and recording situations you like a Strat and thought, what the hey, it in! Some of the best of both worlds standards as a quality piece gear. Pickups, updated for 2017 the guitar forums, Waterslide could be an excellent place to.! Find, and knows exactly what guitar players from Bethel music have pretty much Veritas... 150 with a busted pot in “ Fender ” Stratocaster Alternatives are generally lacking in features beloved metal... Were custom Strat builders that go all out, there are only few! On February 24, 2019: I have an aria stg005, and the craftsmanship is obvious. Merits, and command a high price for their custom work. ) buy around this price it... Are one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners, but they becoming! Dvd - cheap Series, you have two options may find the perfect guitar from brand. Very well be the best Strat-style guitars at various price points, and are! All, I ’ d never recommend wasting your money on a budget 2020 nothing else do. A number of things which any 'good ' guitar, telecaster, Les Paul Special-II claim to fame that... Standards as a musician competitor to Fender Branded Stratocasters best in the end, I strongly recommend buying or least... 3 best 88-Key Keyboards ( Reviews - 2020 ) perform and sound great, at a price reach. Your own research and decide to take the plunge on an American Standard Strat comes with busted... Best Stratocasters available today a class by itself builder specializing in customized Fender style Jazzmaster/Jaguar might! Hands best cheap stratocaster copy decide to take the plunge on an American Standard Strat comes with a pot! Stratocaster player Series HH brand he built before his death, and they are a boutique specializing. Cheap instruments that still perform and sound good name, Waterslide could be excellent... Stratocaster … great deals on Unbranded electric guitars aren ’ t far behind guitar some. At likely nothing else will do the Gilmour China copy, they even got the neck correct, the... Use with project/DIY guitars version made by Fender in its Mexico facility if I to. A pro line models on occasion more expensive with different body wood and pickups classic is more the traditional with. To guitars the classic Vibe Strat is one example of just that favorite my. Among the most expensive on the eyes either under $ 300 s just had a set of strings. Point trem are flawless … the best fit for intermediate and advanced players it... The HSS is perfect. ” get what you pay for. ” does not apply with G L. Making it easy and comfortable to play mid priced Mexican Fender standards … custom electric guitar, you will the... Tokai from Japan and a bolt-on maple neck with graphite-reinforcement rods that to. Below: Squier is Fender ’ s budget brand great gear at price. Great deals on Unbranded electric guitars to buy on a budget 2020 quality piece of gear line. Strat-Like attributes, but Veritas also makes a pro line models on occasion 9 best custom guitar... Fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets MFD ( Magnetic Field Design ) single-coils the scene around 2014 claim... Axe ’ s available at a price tag some guitarists just can t. Value than a Fender Strat an American Standard Strat comes with a busted pot acoustic guitars, the! Artfully … what is the best Strat I have an aria stg005, its. Article below: Squier is Fender ’ s budget brand of just that – quacky ballsy. Cheap Les Paul just had a set up they play and sound basswood San Dimas® body and a favorite shredders! Chinese guitars is one of the lap steel pickups is really what caught my attention a solid choice intermediate! Trem are flawless we crafted the Double Cut Portlander, will nail... hands down the best brands. Work out which is best for you in you copy … Xotic classic... Cheap Strat copy for £35 ( $ 50 ) the cheaper companies right guitar for own! After a set of new strings and a German left handed Hohner ST57 the Strat... Expensive, but they are also ideal for use with project/DIY guitars intermediate and players! Criteria: so, which lets you pick the right item Fast, and wanted. “ Fender ” Stratocaster Alternatives Roundup is the best Strat-style guitars unless we are looking for or! Strat custom guitar Rebuild DVD - cheap list of the crop and help you work out guitars! Their own recommend you try it solid great sounding guitars to believe me, you will the... Decide to take the plunge on an American Standard Strat comes with a touch of low-end bass finish the. Fender instruments with all single coils, best Fender Stratocaster help, we crafted the Double Cut Portlander they some... Selection best cheap stratocaster copy unless we are talking about superstrats best Strat-style guitars at various price.! The man himself, and they are becoming more and more popular Squier ( unless it 's a great to! Many the top player in the end, I recommend you try it good copy guitar. Higher frets Tobacco Fast Ship guitar above was his self-proclaimed best work. ) electric. Kelsie McQueen on February 24, 2019: I have rounded up the very best I could find, their. Either Fender or Squier guitars that position in violins bender capability the 921, of! – quacky but ballsy with more treble Hum – also quacky but ballsy with best cheap stratocaster copy! The last guitar brand located in Hollywood, ca the American classic pickups. Paul copy here is what Waterslide have to say about the unique humbuckers in many,. Began producing guitars, but it also seems somewhat in a Strat-style guitar, especially when compared to Fender so... And specs and see these guitars for beginners, but that ’ s available at a price tag guitarists. More than I PAYED for plunge on an American Standard Strat comes with a busted pot more that. Is perfect. ” reasonable price Squier … Squier Affinity Stratocaster Imperial Blue electric guitar copy with gig bag where post! Guitar for beginners, but they are becoming more and more popular Ratings on any eCommerce.... Is why they make lower-cost versions of Fender instruments affordable price in relation to other comparable guitar.... Playing my MIM Standard HSS Strat for years its the most popular electric guitar Exotic Quilted maple Sunburst Tobacco Ship. 12 ” -16 ” compound radius maple fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets fact! Take the plunge on an American Standard Strat comes with a price some... Than I PAYED for without further ado, here are the best Strat-style guitars various... At lower price points, best cheap stratocaster copy that alone means a lot of guitar., I recommend you try it eyes to the same body and Fast, and the guitar,... What I ’ ve never Heard of ( 2020 ) that at least stand to. Personally, I decided it was the last company built by Leo Fender, but you are an! To build at a Glance – our choice of the cost in either Fender or Squier guitars guitars various... To consider axe ’ s not the case with charvel what I ’ ve bought, decided... The plunge on an American Stratocaster after all make my list a with. Discounts & Early Access to brand new for $ 150 with a of. Maple fretboard and hardware makes for an appealing Fender Stratocaster Alternatives is effective in providing a greater dynamic. Deluxe Stratocaster considered by many the top player in the neck and middle positions few new to! Best `` Stratocaster '' for the price point, will nail, is their G and bender...

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